# Date of Event Title
1 27-Nov-2023 Champion of Inter-College Cricket Tournament (Men)
2 26-Nov-2023 First Women's Cricket Team of Kalahandi University
3 29-Oct-2023 Gudahandi Team of Mountainers of Kalahandi University towards Gangotri and ahead of Himalaya
4 02-Oct-2023 1st Cyber Safe Odisha Program of the district organised at Kalahandi University
5 01-Oct-2023 Swachhanjali Program under Ek Tareekh Ek Ghanta
6 29-Sep-2023 5th Residential Training at IBRAD on Digital Ethnography for Sustainable Tribal Development
7 26-Sep-2023 G20 University Connect -Interaction with Hon'ble Prime Minister
8 15-Aug-2023 Celebration of 77th Independence Day
9 14-Aug-2023 मेरी मिट्टी मेरा देश
10 14-Aug-2023 Inauguration of Open Gym
11 14-Aug-2023 Blood Donation Camp
12 17-Jul-2023 International Workshop on Engineering Research Methodology
13 21-Jun-2023 Celebration of International Yoga Day-2023
14 20-Apr-2023 A Qualitative Study of Migration in Odisha
15 18-Apr-2023 Industrial Workshop on Data Science by Computer Science Dept., Kalahandi University, Bhawanipatna
16 10-Apr-2023 Kalahandi University Hosted Odisha’s First G20 University Connect Lecture
17 01-Apr-2023 Kalahandi University was granted membership of AIU with effect from 01-04-2023
18 17-Mar-2023 Exposure Visit to Department of Anthropology by PG Students of Anthropology Programme of KISS Deemed to be University, Bhubaneswar
19 27-Feb-2023 Invited Lecture on Current Economic Challenges of India
20 23-Feb-2023 International Interdisciplinary Series of Conferences
21 15-Feb-2023 Celebration of World Anthropology Day on 16th February 2023 by Dept. Of Anthropology, Kalahandi University
22 11-Feb-2023 55th Annual Conference Orissa Economics Association Pre-Conference Workshop: February 10, 2023 Conference Dates: February 11-12, 2023
23 29-Dec-2022 Inauguration of New Academic Block and Kalahandi Library, Unveil of the Bust of Maharaja P.K. DEO by Prof. Ganeshi Lal H.E Governor and Chancellor of Odisha.
24 19-Dec-2022 UG PHASE-IV Selected List
25 01-Dec-2022 Celebrated EQUALIZE World Aids Day Organized by YRC , Kalahandi University on Dt. 01. 12.2022
26 27-Nov-2022 75th NCC Day Celebration 2022 at Kalahandi University, Bhawanipatna
27 25-Nov-2022 Inter College Badminton Tournament Championship 2022-23
28 24-Nov-2022 1st Inter College Cricket Tournament 2022-23 Organised by Kalahandi University, Bhawanipatna , Winner-Kalahandi University, Runners up- P.S. Degree College ,Narla.
29 19-Sep-2022 First National Tribal Treking Camp
30 05-Sep-2022 Welcoming Ahimsa Rath in Kalahandi University
31 15-Jul-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 62
32 30-Jun-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 60
33 24-Jun-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 59
34 21-Jun-2022 International Yoga Day 21-06-2022
35 17-Jun-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 58
36 10-Jun-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 57
37 03-Jun-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 56
38 27-May-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 53
39 27-May-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 55
40 20-May-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 54
41 06-May-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 52
42 22-Apr-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 50
43 08-Apr-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 48
44 02-Apr-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 47
45 25-Mar-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 46
47 23-Mar-2022 Extra-mural Lecture Talk No.02
48 21-Mar-2022 International Webinar Series on Humanity & Technology [5th Day]
49 16-Mar-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 45
50 14-Mar-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 44
51 14-Mar-2022 International Webinar Series on Humanity & Technology [4th Day]
52 04-Mar-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 43
53 28-Feb-2022 National Science Day
54 25-Feb-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 42
55 21-Feb-2022 International Webinar Series on Humanity & Technology[3rd Day]
56 18-Feb-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 41
57 14-Feb-2022 International Webinar Series on Humanity & Technology [2nd Day]
58 28-Jan-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 38
59 21-Jan-2022 International Webinar Series on Humanity & Technology [1st Day]
60 21-Jan-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 37
61 13-Jan-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 36
62 07-Jan-2022 Motivational Lecture No. 35
63 31-Dec-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 34
64 24-Dec-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 33
65 16-Dec-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 32
66 10-Dec-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 31
67 03-Dec-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 30
68 02-Dec-2021 WORLD AIDS DAY
69 27-Nov-2021 Celebration of Constitution Day
70 25-Nov-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 29
71 24-Nov-2021 Gold Medalist in All India Yachting Regatta-21
72 19-Nov-2021 Meeting of Principals of colleges under the jurisdiction of Kalahandi University
73 19-Nov-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 28
74 12-Nov-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 27
75 05-Nov-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 26
76 31-Oct-2021 OURIIP SEED funded One Day Workshop on 31-10-2021
77 30-Oct-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 25
78 24-Oct-2021 Inauguration of Odisha Naval NCC Office and Celebration of World U.N. Day
79 24-Oct-2021 Inauguration of NCC Air Wing SD/SW in Kalahandi University, Bhawanipatna
80 22-Oct-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 24
81 18-Oct-2021 Meeting of all HODs, all members of Examination Section and Teaching Staff
82 17-Oct-2021 Meeting of Teaching and Non-teaching Staff
83 16-Oct-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 23
84 12-Oct-2021 Visit of Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor to Delhi University
85 11-Oct-2021 Meeting of Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor with the Secretary, UGC at New Delhi
86 09-Oct-2021 National SHRIE Award to Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor for excellence in Education and Societal Development
87 09-Oct-2021 Formation of Kho Kho Team
88 08-Oct-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 22
89 08-Oct-2021 State Level Pre-RD Selection Camp at Utkal University
90 05-Oct-2021 Meeting of all Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff
91 01-Oct-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 21
92 01-Oct-2021 Staff Meeting on Annual HS(Special) Exam-2021
93 30-Sep-2021 Meeting of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff
94 28-Sep-2021 Staff Meeting on 28-09-2021 to felicitate Vibhusha Vyas for her 1st position in English Debate at State Level Competition on the State Level NSS Day Celebration at Bhubaneswar
95 25-Sep-2021 1st position in English Debate at State Level Competition at State Level NSS Day Celebration at Bhubaneswar
96 24-Sep-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 20
97 23-Sep-2021 NSS Day Celebration[Mega Blood Donation Camp]
98 23-Sep-2021 Training Programme for Untrained YRC Counsellors
99 17-Sep-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 19
100 17-Sep-2021 Exposure visit of School Students to Kalahandi University under University-School Connect Programme
101 11-Sep-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 18
102 08-Sep-2021 Meeting of Faculties
103 07-Sep-2021 Meeting of Faculties
104 03-Sep-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 17
105 02-Sep-2021 Meeting of all Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff
106 02-Sep-2021 Meeting of Principals
107 02-Sep-2021 Inauguration of NSS Bureau Office by Sj. Saswat Mishra, IAS
108 02-Sep-2021 Blood Donation Camp
109 01-Sep-2021 Celebration of First Foundation Day of Kalahandi University
110 27-Aug-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 16
111 21-Aug-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 15
112 19-Aug-2021 Meeting of Guest Faculties
113 18-Aug-2021 Inclusion of Kalahandi University by UGC under 2(f)
114 15-Aug-2021 Celebration of 75th Independence Day
115 13-Aug-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 14
116 12-Aug-2021 Signing of MoU with Delhi University
117 09-Aug-2021 International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples
118 06-Aug-2021 Motivational Lecture No.13
119 30-Jul-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 12
120 23-Jul-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 11
121 18-Jul-2021 Celebration of Alumni Day
122 17-Jul-2021 National Webinar on “Rethinking Gandhi in the Context of Climate Change”.
123 17-Jul-2021 Meeting of Hon'ble VC, KU with Hon'ble VC, Rajendra University at Bolangir
124 16-Jul-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 10
125 11-Jul-2021 Observation of World Population Day
126 09-Jul-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 9
127 07-Jul-2021 Celebration of Van Mahotsav Week(Day-7)
128 06-Jul-2021 Visit of Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor to Karlapada, Borda and Khariar
129 06-Jul-2021 Celebration of Van Mahotsav Week(Day-6)
130 05-Jul-2021 Meeting of faculties
131 05-Jul-2021 National Webinar on the topic “Subhas Chandra Bose, Freedom Movement And Its Relevance For Contemporary India”.
132 05-Jul-2021 Celebration of Van Mahotsav Week(Day-5)
133 04-Jul-2021 Celebration of Van Mahotsav Week(Day-4)
134 02-Jul-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 8
135 01-Jul-2021 Celebration of Van Mahotsav Week(Day-1)
136 29-Jun-2021 Meeting of YRC Counsellors and volunteers
137 26-Jun-2021 National Webinar organised on "Vaccine: Concepts & Therapeutics"
138 26-Jun-2021 Webinar on ଉତ୍କଳୀୟ ଜନଜୀବନ ଉପରେ ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଭାଗବତର ପ୍ରଭାବ
139 25-Jun-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 7
140 21-Jun-2021 International Day of Yoga
141 18-Jun-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 6
142 18-Jun-2021 Meeting of Vice-Chancellors
143 17-Jun-2021 Meeting of all faculties
144 17-Jun-2021 Meeting of Principals
145 14-Jun-2021 Observation of World Blood Donor Day
146 12-Jun-2021 Webinar on the topic: In the Mirror of the Pandemic: Vulnerable Migrant Workers in Globalising India
147 12-Jun-2021 Meeting of Vice-Chancellors
148 12-Jun-2021 Observation of World Day against Child Labour
149 11-Jun-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 5
150 11-Jun-2021 Meeting of HODs
151 04-Jun-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 4
152 04-Jun-2021 National Webinar on Academic-Industry Collaboration for Innovation and Development
153 03-Jun-2021 National webinar on “Drug Designing: An Approach of A Chemist”.
154 03-Jun-2021 Observation of World Bicycle Day
155 02-Jun-2021 National Webinar on the topic Nature, Culture and Spiritualism: Anthropological Perspectives.
156 01-Jun-2021 Meeting of faculties
157 31-May-2021 National Webinar on Recent Advances in Animal Sciences (Neuroscience & Nanobiotechnology)
158 29-May-2021 National Webinar on the topic Social Policing During Pandemic - Strategies & Challenges
159 28-May-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 3
160 26-May-2021 Rainwater harvesting
161 24-May-2021 Meeting with Registrar, CPGC, Director, CDC and dealing assistant
162 24-May-2021 National Webinar on Rethinking the role of State during Pandemic (Covid 19)
163 22-May-2021 International day for Biological Diversity
164 21-May-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 2
165 21-May-2021 International Webinar on Current Trends in Creative Writing and Publishing: Discover the Writer Within You
166 20-May-2021 Meeting of HODs, Wardens of Hostels and Superintendents of Hostels
167 18-May-2021 National Webinar on Green Technologies to Protect Environment
168 17-May-2021 Meeting of Office Staff
169 14-May-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 1
170 13-May-2021 National Webinar on Financial Education Program-Bombay Stock Exchange, Investor Protection Fund
171 12-May-2021 Webinar on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
172 11-May-2021 Award to Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor
173 06-May-2021 Celebration of World Environment Day
174 06-May-2021 Webinar on Myths & Misconceptions on Covid-19 & Vaccination
175 05-May-2021 Celebration of World Environment Day
176 04-May-2021 Meeting of OSHEC at Krushi Bhawan, Bhubaneswar
177 30-Apr-2021 Meeting of NSS Officers of colleges under the jurisdiction of Kalahandi University.
178 28-Apr-2021 Meeting of NCC Officers of colleges under the jurisdiction of Kalahandi University.
179 28-Apr-2021 Meeting of YRC Counsellors of Degree colleges
180 23-Apr-2021 Staff Meeting
181 22-Apr-2021 Meeting with Hon'ble Governer
182 22-Apr-2021 Visit of Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor to Karlapada
183 17-Apr-2021 Meeting of Principals
184 16-Apr-2021 Staff Meeting
185 16-Apr-2021 Press Meet
186 An Invited Lecture