News & Updates

# Date of announcement Subject
1 02-Jun-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 4
2 02-Jun-2021 Observation of World Bicycle Day
3 01-Jun-2021 Meeting of faculties
4 31-May-2021 National Webinar on Recent Advances in Animal Sciences (Neuroscience & Nanobiotechnology)
5 29-May-2021 National Webinar on the topic Social Policing During Pandemic - Strategies & Challenges
6 26-May-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 3
7 26-May-2021 Rainwater harvesting
8 24-May-2021 National Webinar on Rethinking the role of State during Pandemic (Covid 19)
9 24-May-2021 Meeting with Registrar, CPGC, Director, CDC and dealing assistant
10 22-May-2021 International day for Biological Diversity
11 21-May-2021 International Webinar on Current Trends in Creative Writing and Publishing: Discover the Writer Within You
12 20-May-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 2
13 20-May-2021 Meeting of HODs, Wardens of Hostels and Superintendents of Hostels
14 20-May-2021 National Webinar on the topic Nature, Culture and Spiritualism: Anthropological Perspectives.
15 20-May-2021 National webinar on “Drug Designing: An Approach of A Chemist”.
16 18-May-2021 National Webinar on Green Technologies to Protect Environment
17 17-May-2021 Meeting of Office Staff
18 14-May-2021 Motivational Lecture No. 1
19 13-May-2021 National Webinar on Financial Education Program-Bombay Stock Exchange, Investor Protection Fund
20 12-May-2021 Webinar on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
21 11-May-2021 Award to Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor
22 06-May-2021 Webinar on Myths & Misconceptions on Covid-19 & Vaccination
23 05-May-2021 Celebration of World Environment Day
24 05-May-2021 Celebration of World Environment Day
25 04-May-2021 Meeting of OSHEC at Krushi Bhawan, Bhubaneswar